Easy Slow Cooker Chicken with Salsa Recipe

I put together an easy slow-cooker chicken meal using odd items on hand, and it turned out great! Delicious. It started while staring at a just-defrosted bulk-pack chicken breast and half a jar of salsa. What to do? Here’s what:

No pictures today. This was too simple and too good.

Easy Slow Cooker Chicken Recipe

Get, prepare, and dump these into your slow cooker:

  • (4 pieces) Chicken Breast, Thin Sliced
    PREP: Trim any fat or other undesirable stuff.
  • (1 medium can) Tomato Sauce
    PREP: None.
  • (1/2 jar) Salsa, Medium Strength
    PREP: None.
  • (3 small) Onions, Yellow
    PREP: Peel, trim ends, cut into lengthwise quarters.
  • (1) Green Pepper, Long-Style
    PREP: Core, cut lengthwise once, cut slices. Lots of half-circles.
  • (15) Black Olives, Small
    PREP: Cut each in half once, width-wise. Nice and big that way.

No salt, pepper, or spices. Regular tomato sauce has enough salt, and the salsa, of course, has lots of everything.

Cook on “Low” for 4 1/2 hours. It’s more succulent that way.

Make four cups of white rice to pour the final result over. Easy to prepare with a rice steamer, difficult without. So, there’s your easy slow-cooker chicken dinner!

Rice Cooker Suggestion

An automatic rice maker is the one appliance I’ll take up valuable counter space with! This is similar to the original Aroma Housewares model ARC-1000 we purchased. It was worth every penny.

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