About Jim

I am an experienced product development engineer (BSEE) and an FDA and ISO Quality Management System quality expert with decades of experience in the medical device industry, with a start in data communications design. I provide technical and business consulting to engineering and quality managers. I have experience in organizations of all sizes, in both the product and service industries. I have successfully run several small businesses and assisted in developing a product through to market launch. I am a creative person with experience in writing, music, and graphic design.

I own Jim Julian Unlimited, LLC, founded in December 2005. The creative part of the business is d/b/a Jim Julian Photography.


I provide engineering work in the form of new designs, remediation, and testing for electronic, software, firmware, and mechanical specialties. I have been an elected IEEE Senior Member since 2019.


I am a member of the Apple Developer Program and working on an iPhone application for a commercial customer.

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I provide quality consulting, including lean, FDA QSR compliance, design assurance, design controls, risk analysis, process validation, problem investigation, and corrective actions.

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I have multiple Six Sigma Green Belts for DMAIC/Lean and DFSS for continuous improvement, and I am a certified Six Sigma Black Belt (CSSBB).


I know what constitutes “Done”, understanding every technical and creative task. My leadership focus is strong yet personable. I have excellent team-building and conflict-management skills and know-how to develop technical staff.


My creative side includes writing, music, and photography. I have shown my fine-art photographs at regional area events. I am a drummer and a singer and have performed publicly in local bands.

Jim Julian

I have the practical skills and capabilities to help your organization immediately. Find me on LinkedIn!

Writing a blog covering engineering and creative articles has been a unique and exciting challenge.

On the one hand, you have the technical aspects of engineering that require a certain level of expertise and precision in your writing. On the other hand, you have the freedom and imagination that comes with creative writing, allowing you to explore different topics and styles. Balancing these two elements appeals to a broad audience, from those interested in my design engineering developments to those looking at the world of my creative projects.

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