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Choosing a Computer for Digital Photography

So you’re a digital photographer, videographer, graphics designer, or other creative? Faced with choosing a computer for digital photography, video editing, or heavy graphical design? Here are some computer buying tips for the photographer or other creatives, summarizing some deep experience (this works regardless of the platform – Mac OS […]

A Photographer’s View of the iPhone 5S Camera

The new iPhone 5S was just announced this week. And being the iPhone is “the most popular camera in the world”, of course this new edition has an upgraded camera. It’s also still a mobile phone, by-the-way. Owning the iPhone 5, and thoroughly enjoying it, I still don’t consider it […]

Waiting for the Fireworks

Photo Sizes for Printing, Posting, and Viewing

Don’t randomly crop and print your photos! Do it purposefully using thoughtful photo size information – print well, post well, and project well. Let’s make your images look great in a variety of formats, whether they are printed using your home printer or at a local pharmacy or pro camera […]

Canon PowerShot S110 in Black

Canon S110 Professional Compact Camera

As a photographer, I have a several DSLR camera bodies with a collection of lenses, plus several good compact digital cameras, plus an iPhone. I recently bought a Canon S110 professional compact camera. The iPhone is fine as a camera, but has its limitations, which I was certainly aware of […]

Canon PowerShot SX210 IS

Canon SX210 IS Camera

The Canon SX210 IS camera was my choice when it was time to upgrade to another, and of course better, compact camera. I had even more specific criteria this time. Significant zoom beyond the typical 3x or 4x HD video with stereo microphones Every other feature was assumed to be […]