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Latest issues of the Journal of the Audio Engineering Society.

Journal of the AES - September 2019, Vol 67 Issue 9

This issue includes:Paper: Reexamination of a Theory of Perception as an Active Process Where Time Plays a Key RolePaper: Nonlinear Distortion Reduction in Sound ZonesPaper: Directional Loudness of Low-Frequency Noises Under Various ConditionsPaper: Evaluation of Generalized Metrics for Constant DirectivityEngineering Report: A New Decoder for CD-4 (Quadradisc) Phonograph RecordsEngineering Report: Exploring an Auditory Source Widening Effect in Binaural SynthesisEngineering Report: A Database of Measured and Simulated HRTFsFeature: With-Height Spatial AudioCall for Contributions: AES Academy 2020, AnaheimCall for Contributions: 148th Convention, ViennaCall for Contributions: Audio Education Conference, NashvilleCall for Contributions: AVAR Conference, RedmondAudio Forensics Conference Report, PortoSpecial Issue on Semantic Music Production, Call for PapersSection News, Book Reviews, etc.

Journal of the AES - July/August 2019, Vol 67 Issue 7/8

This special issue on Object-Based Audio includes:Paper: Spatial Coding of Complex Object-Based Program MaterialPaper: Semantically Informed Rendering of Object-Based AudioPaper: Source Separation for Dialogue Enhancement in Object-Based BroadcastPaper: User-Guided Rendering of Audio Objects Using an Interactive Genetic AlgorithmPaper: Near-Field Object-Based Audio Rendering on Flat-Panel DisplaysPaper: Estimating Late Reverberation Using Convolution Neural NetworksPaper: Multichannel Compensated Amplitude Panning as an Adaptive Object-Based Reproduction MethodPaper: Influence of Visual Stimuli on Perceptual Attributes of Spatial AudioPaper: Testing Quality of Experience of an Object-Based Radio Reproduction App on a Mobile DevicePaper: Personalization in Object-Based Audio to Improve Accessibility of Hearing Impaired ListenersFeature: Audio ForensicsStandards and Information Documents147th Convention Preview, New YorkCall for Papers: Special Issue on Semantic Music ProductionCall for Contributions: AES Academy 2020, AnaheimSection News, Book Reviews, etc.

Journal of the AES - June 2019, Vol 67 Issue 6

This issue includes:Paper: Reduced Feedback when Frequency Shifting In Actuated Acoustic GuitarPaper: Vertical Summing Localization of Multichannel Sound Reproduction with Amplitude PanningPaper: Circular-Arc Line Arrays with Amplitude Shading for Constant DirectivityPaper: Using Image-Guided HRTF Selection for Improved Vertical LocalizationPaper: A Perceptual Model of "Punch" Based on Weighted Transient LoudnessEngineering Report: Selecting the Right Filters when Oversampling for Nonlinear WaveshapingFeature: Immersive and Interactive Audio TechnologyImmersive and Interactive Audio Conference Report, YorkHeadphone Technology Conference Preview, San FranciscoAutomotive Audio Conference Preview, Neuburg on the DanubeSection News, Products, etc.

Journal of the AES - May 2019, Vol 67 Issue 5

This issue includes:Paper: Understanding the Evolution of High-Resolution AudioPaper: A Hierarchical Approach for Audio Capture, Archive, and DistributionPaper: The Art and Science of DitheringPaper: A Tutorial Review of Modern Sampling TheoryPaper: Considering High-Frequency Intermodulation Distortion in High-Resolution AudioFeature: Loudspeaker Design146th Convention Report, DublinStandards and Information DocumentsSection News, Book Reviews, etc.

Journal of the AES - April 2019, Vol 67 Issue 4

This issue includes:Paper: Analysis of Rhythm in Recorded Music with Recurrent Rhythmic PatternsPaper: Robust Speaker Recognition in Noisy ConditionsPaper: Dynamic Audio Reproduction with Linear Loudspeaker ArraysPaper: Automating Mixing of User-Generated Audio RecordingsEngineering Report: Identifying Thermal Parameters of LoudspeakersFeature: Audio Evaluation in Modern Listening ContextsAudio Forensics Conference Preview, PortoSection News, Book Reviews, etc.

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