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Cat in a Scarf

Motorcycle Ride to Work on a Cold Morning

Yes, it was very cold around 6 am. I’ve been riding my relatively new BMW G650GS motorcycle to work as often as I can. I leave very early on a much longer, scenic route;...

BMW Advanced Battery Charging System

BMW Motorcycle Battery Tender for My G650GS

My story with the BMW Motorcycle Battery Tender started after a recent problem with loose battery leads from an improper new vehicle preparation. And in any case, I needed a practical way to properly...

First Trip BMW G650GS Motorcycle 1

First Trip BMW G650GS Motorcycle

The first extended trip with my new BMW G650GS motorcycle. I’m with a friend riding up to the Cold Sprint, New York area. Here’s some fair-quality Nokia E51 phone camera pictures.

First Overnight Motorcycle Trip 1

First Overnight Motorcycle Trip

Last week, I took a motorcycle trip with a friend in the New Jersey and Connecticut area. It was not just a fun adventure, but significant for me in that “touring” (luggage, overnights, etc.)...