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WordPress Media Attachment Page 404 Error

If you are getting a WordPress media attachment page 404 error, the solution may not be obvious. I got very frustrated with the unhelpful answers found searching on Google, so I dug deep to find my own, definitive, solution. After much trial-and-error checking, it appears that the issue is: the […]

Choosing a Computer for Digital Photography

So you’re a digital photographer, videographer, graphics designer, or other creative? Faced with choosing a computer for digital photography, video editing, or heavy graphical design? Here are some computer buying tips for the photographer or other creatives, summarizing some deep experience (this works regardless of the platform – Mac OS […]

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Remove Microsoft Silverlight from Mac OS X

Did you install Microsoft Silverlight on you Macintosh, no longer visit websites which need it, and are tired of the pop-ups that ask to update it? Here is how to painlessly remove Microsoft Silverlight from Mac OS X. Uninstall Microsoft Silverlight from Mac OS X Use the Finder to open /Library/Internet […]

A Photographer’s View of the iPhone 5S Camera

The new iPhone 5S was just announced this week. And being the iPhone is “the most popular camera in the world”, of course this new edition has an upgraded camera. It’s also still a mobile phone, by-the-way. Owning the iPhone 5, and thoroughly enjoying it, I still don’t consider it […]

Waiting for the Fireworks

Photo Sizes for Printing, Posting, and Viewing

Don’t randomly crop and print your photos! Do it purposefully using thoughtful photo size information – print well, post well, and project well. Let’s make your images look great in a variety of formats, whether they are printed using your home printer or at a local pharmacy or pro camera […]

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Denville NJ Centennial Parade 2013

The Denville, NJ Centennial Parade was held on June 9, 2013, beginning at 2:00 pm, from Downtown Denville to Gardner Field. The weather was just about perfect. My son marched in the parade, and I had a two-part day planned for photography and videography. Setting up in a fixed location […]