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This Temperature-Screening System for COVID-19 Can Check Up to 9 People at Once

The Institute’s Editorial Staff
The system uses a thermal imaging camera, facial recognition, and Lidar

Has the Summit Supercomputer Cracked COVID's Code?

Mark Anderson
New insights into deadly "bradykinin storms" suggest potential therapies for COVID-19

Could a Mathematical Model Determine Whether Coronavirus Preventative Measures Work?

Kathy Pretz
Princeton and Carnegie Mellon researchers have developed a model that studies the effectiveness of the actions taken

Use This AI To Find Your Next Engineering Gig

Tekla S. Perry
When the coronavirus layoffs started, tech recruiter Rocket turned its AI tools to the task of matching laid off tech professionals with new jobs

Twitter Bots Are Spreading Massive Amounts of COVID-19 Misinformation

Thor Benson
About 25 percent of links to “low credibility” sources of coronavirus information come from bots

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