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Modern Civilization Relies on This Crystal-Growing Method

Joanna Goodrich
The Czochralski method, an IEEE Milestone, is used to grow single-crystal semiconductors for integrated circuits and photovoltaics

IEEE President’s Column: An IEEE for the Next Technological Revolution

Jose M. F. Moura
It's critical for our shared future that the organization is prepared

IEEE Herz Award Goes to Jonathan Dahl

Joanna Goodrich
Former senior director for IEEE Global Sales receives the major staff award

Raytheon’s Dennis Picard Remembered for Role in Advancing Radar

Jeremiah Daniels
The former CEO and chairman of Raytheon transformed the company into a global defense giant

CodeChix Founder on Why She Followed Her Passion

Kathy Pretz
Rupa Dachere gave up a full-time engineering job to focus on increasing the number of women software developers

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