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Remove Microsoft Silverlight from Mac OS X

Did you install Microsoft Silverlight on you Macintosh, no longer visit websites which need it, and are tired of the pop-ups that ask to update it? Here is how to painlessly remove Microsoft Silverlight...

Program Code

Recursive chmod in Linux and MacOSX

Recursively chmod directories only OR files only Recursively search directory tree (starting at the current directory ‘dot’): Recursively chmod 755 all directories only: find . -type d -exec chmod 755 {} \; Recursively chmod...

Open Hard Drive HDD

Disk Usage Summary in Linux or Mac OS X

Here is a simple way to get a disk usage summary in Linux or Mac OS X using the command-line. The “du” command is the conventional choice, but gives a lot of information by...


LAME for Audacity on OS X

LAME for Audacity v1.2.x (OS X) Install and/or extract both LAME for Audacity v1.3 and v1.3 to /usr/local/lib/audacity. Create soft link: mkdir /Library/LAME ln -s /usr/local/lib/audacity/LameLib /Library/LAME/ Locate LAME inside of Audacity v1.2.x. See...

Sync Key

Rsync Defaults for Archive Flag

Using rsync without the “archive flag” (-a). What does -a default to? It is the archive mode. -a, –archive; archive mode; equals -rlptgoD (no -H,-A,-X) Where: -r, –recursive; recurse into directories -l, –links; copy...

Global Network

Bind Multiple IP Addresses in Linux

Need to bind multiple IP addresses to an network interface? Here is a nice article I found online: cd /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ cp ifcfg-eth0 ifcfg-eth0:0 cp ifcfg-eth0 ifcfg-eth0:1 cp ifcfg-eth0 ifcfg-eth0:2 … vi ifcfg-eth0:0 OLD article...

Linux booting

Installing X-Windows on Linux

To install the X Window System (X-Windows) on Linux: yum groupinstall “X Window System” See larger image How Linux Works, 2nd Edition: What Every Superuser Should Know (Paperback) New From: $28.99 USD In Stock

Sync Key

Rsync Delete Files Safety Net

The –delete flag in rsync will deactivate if something goes wrong during the sync, such as invalid files. I’ve just seen this happen. See larger image Backup & Recovery: Inexpensive Backup Solutions for Open...

Global Network

DSNS Network Scanner

The DSNS network scanner is worth looking into. It is an advanced network scanner for Windows 2000/XP. Very handy to identify network devices, and to discover what services they provide (such as HTTP). Of...

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Windows 2000 Registry Maintenance

Eventually you will have to perform Windows 2000 registry maintenance. Here’s an article on how to back up, edit, and restore the registry in Windows 2000. The most important thing you will have to...

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