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Product Development Expertise Since 2005

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Providing engineering design, quality systems analysis, business consulting, and training services.

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Summary Statement

Jim Julian is an experienced product development engineer (BSEE) and an FDA and ISO Quality Management System quality expert with decades of experience in the medical device industry after starting in data communications design. He provides technical and business consulting to engineering and quality managers with experience in organizations of all sizes in the product and service industries. Has successfully run several small businesses and assisted in developing a product through to market launch. He is an expert in the full product lifecycle, from concept to design to manufacturing.

Jim Julian provides design work and quality consulting, including lean, FDA QSR compliance, design assurance, design controls, risk analysis, process validation, problem investigation, and corrective actions. Risk analysis as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt includes statistical and product performance analyses for existing medical devices requiring remediation. He is a professional quality trainer and a Lean expert using process analysis, Kaizen, and Gemba walks.

Jim Julian focuses on what constitutes “Done”, understanding every technical and creative task.


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