Burn ISO File to CD Using Linux

Here is the command-line syntax to create, or “burn”, an ISO-formatted file onto CD using Linux:

cdrecord -v dev='ATAPI:1,1,0' driveropts=burnfree -sao -eject <filename.iso>

Where the parameter “filename.iso” is the filename of the output.

Command Options

These are the parameters used:

-v; Increment the level of general verbosity by one; display the progress of the writing process.

dev=<target>; Sets the SCSI target for the CD/DVD-Recorder

driveropts=<option list>; Currently implemented driver options are: "burnfree"

-sao; Set SAO (Session At Once) mode which is usually called Disk At Once mode.

-eject; Eject disk after doing the work.

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