BMW Motorcycle Battery Tender for My G650GS

My experience with the BMW Motorcycle Battery Tender started after a recent problem I had with loose battery leads from an improper new vehicle preparation. In any case, I needed a practical way to properly maintain the battery on my new 2010 BMW G650GS Motorcycle, which I have been accessorizing.

So, after much online research, it turns out that the battery can easily be trickle-charged through the Powerlet jack on the left side of the pseudo-tank (the real gas tank is under the seat). Nice!

To that end, I picked up the BMW Advanced Battery Charging System (Generation II) yesterday from my local dealer, part number 72110419496.

BMW Advanced Battery Charging System

The nice part is that the battery connection (the DC end) is a generic heavy-duty connector and that the package comes with three modular ways to connect up:

  1. Powerlet male connector
  2. Alligator clips, with in-line fuse
  3. Battery terminal connections (not needed if you are using the Powerlet connector) with in-line fuse

Looking at the bottom, it looks like this is an OEM product of Deltran (it looks like their Battery Tender 021-0128 Battery Tender Plus 12V Battery Charger). I guess there was no point in BMW designing their own for this mid-range product. And it was about the same retail price as Deltran’s product.

I was pleased today that it fully charged the battery, and my BMW G650GS started right up. I highly recommend it.

Credits: Stock image from the BMW Motorrad USA website.

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