Singing While Drumming

Singing while drumming is not straightforward, but I’ve done it. This picture is of me singing and drumming in a recreational band I was in years ago. I was talking drum lessons for some time then and then began taking voice lessons. After learning to sing just a few of the band’s songs, I became the lead singer! They were all great musicians, but no one else wanted to sing.

During one of our typical weekend practice sessions back in 2001 at a local rehearsal studio, we took this photo. The rehearsal took about three or four hours most Saturdays. We did that for approximately two years.

Setup for Singing While Drumming

Setting up a vocal microphone on your drumset can be tricky.

Drumset Vocal Microphone Choices

  • Headset microphone: Not for me. In theory, this is the perfect solution. But, you lose the ability to move to create dynamics. It can get misaligned on your head. The worst part is you are “always-on.” I never liked it.
  • The microphone on a straight stand beside you: Still not for me. It is easy to set up, then turn and sing. Turning your head is unnatural.
  • The microphone on a boom stand from the side or rear: Most common as I’ve seen it; used this myself. Much more control, and you are not “trapped.” You can also move the microphone out of the way when you’re not singing.

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