Amazon Kindle Best eBook Reader

Yes, books are great. And eBooks are better. And there are an awful lot of books in our house. So, what should we use to read eBooks? The Amazon Kindle is the best eBook reader.

I’m an engineer, but I have had my time in business and marketing, so I understand why things are designed to fit a need. Regarding eBooks, I was an early adopter of Adobe Acrobat from the MS-DOS days. Yes, the very FIRST version from the DOS days. Yes, before there was Windows or the Mac.

So, having a universal way to read (not necessarily write) documents is something I was drawn to – and I expect you are too.

Next, mobile devices are a huge part of the future. And we’d certainly like to carry our electronic documents around.

So, my big ebook-reader conclusion: I bought an Amazon Kindle 3 (third generation), and purchased it while I bought an Apple iPod Touch! Strange? Let’s talk about it.

Amazon Kindle Keyboard

The Kindle is an eBook reader – period. It’s a dedicated device that does one thing very, very well. Specifically, how great is the Kindle? Great! Is it the perfect dedicated eBook reader? Most definitely.

Let’s start with the foundation that got Amazon started: books. Remember back then? They were the “Amazon jungle of books.” That was all they sold. So they are good at it.

Let’s move on to the Kindle infrastructure, from the store to WhisperSync. It’s a great store, a great deployment method, and a great and fair way to keep your eBooks on multiple devices and computers (up to a limit).

Amazon Kindle Keyboard eBook Reader

Amazon Kindle Best eBook Reader

  • E-ink
  • Compact size
  • One-month battery life
  • Lightweight

The Amazon Kindle is “The Best eBook Reader”.

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