Image Processing Notes Adobe Lightroom Plugin

A simple Adobe Lightroom plugin for creating metadata notes about image processing. A freeform text note can be added to any image describing highlights of the processing steps, and a pull-down selection field can indicate whether an external plugin was used in processing the particular image. Both fields are searchable within Lightroom, and the selection field can also be browsed.

Plugin New Fields

  • External Process (Unknown/Yes/No selection)
  • Process Notes (text)

Plugin Example Usage

Write in key or unique capture and processing steps, such as “ND filter x16 used” and/or “Nik Silver Efex Pro setting 016 used”. The selection field can indicate “Yes” if an external process was used (such as Nik Collection, DxO Film Emulation, Topaz Simplify, etc.).

Plugin Notes

As is typical, this plugin creates new metadata fields that are searchable in the Lightroom catalog – they are not metadata stored directly in the images or XMP sidecar files. It is designed for Adobe Lightroom 5 and above.

GitHub Repository

Here is the Project page on GitHub.

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