I am an experienced hands-on technology consultant, having worked in both product and service industries. My focus is strong, yet personable leadership. I have excellent team-building and conflict-management skills.

As a degreed engineer (BSEE) I performed circuit design, software development and mechanical design. Moving into management, I specialized in resolving complex technology decisions as well as large technology purchases. Ultimately I managed products in a marketing capacity and am an accomplished project manager. I am Six Sigma certified.

I have practical skills and capabilities that may be of immediate service to your organization.

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Please contact me for my recent resume and references.

P.S.: I’m also a professional photographer, and you can find me at photos.jimjulian.com.

P.P.S.: See me without a tie on at jimjulian.org, my personal blog.


I am an engineer, with a creative side.

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