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Homemade Stamp

Easy Slow Cooker Chicken with Salsa

I put together an easy slow-cooker chicken meal just using odd items on hand, and it really turned out great! Delicious, really. It started while staring at a just-defrosted bulk-pack chicken breast and half...

Ultimate Pocket Pen Zebra F-301 Compact

I carry this every single day, everywhere I go: the Zebra F-301 Compact Ballpoint Pen. The Zebra F-301 Compact Pen has the following great features: Collapses to half the size of a regular pen...

Homemade Stamp

Baked Chicken and Vegetables

Here is a great tasting and healthy chicken and vegetables meal, cooked and served in one dish. We had this tonight. Like a lot of GREAT recipes, I made it up as I went...

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