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Denville NJ Centennial Parade 2013

The Denville, NJ Centennial Parade was held on June 9, 2013, beginning at 2:00 pm, from Downtown Denville to Gardner Field. The weather was just about perfect. My son marched in the parade, and...

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Our First Geocaching Adventure

After owning my outstanding Garmin eTrex Vista HCx GPS for a few years now, I got it out of my car, off of my motorcycle, off of my bicycle, and back into my hands...

Cat in a Scarf

Motorcycle Ride to Work on a Cold Morning

Yes, it was very cold around 6 am. I’ve been riding my relatively new BMW G650GS motorcycle to work as often as I can. I leave very early on a much longer, scenic route;...

First Trip BMW G650GS Motorcycle 1

First Trip BMW G650GS Motorcycle

The first extended trip with my new BMW G650GS motorcycle. I’m with a friend riding up to the Cold Sprint, New York area. Here’s some fair-quality Nokia E51 phone camera pictures.

White Balloons

Happy Birthday to Me

Well, I’m another year older. Perhaps I’ll take a picture of myself everyday until my next birthday…? See larger image Happy Birthday to You! New From: $6.59 USD In Stock

First Overnight Motorcycle Trip 1

First Overnight Motorcycle Trip

Last week, I took a motorcycle trip with a friend in the New Jersey and Connecticut area. It was not just a fun adventure, but significant for me in that “touring” (luggage, overnights, etc.)...

Jim Singing While Drumming

Singing While Drumming

Singing while drumming is not easy, but I’ve done it. This is me singing and drumming in a recreational band I was in years ago. I was talking drum lessons for some time then,...