Easy Slow Cooker Chicken with Salsa

I put together an easy slow-cooker chicken meal just using odd items on hand, and it really turned out great! Delicious, really. It started while staring at a just-defrosted bulk-pack chicken breast and half a jar of salsa. What to do? Here’s what:

No pictures today. This was too simple and too good.

Easy Slow Cooker Chicken Recipe

Get, prepare, and dump these into your slow-cooker:

  • (4 pieces) Chicken Breast, Thin Sliced
    PREP: Just trim any fat or other undesirable stuff.
  • (1 medium can) Tomato Sauce
    PREP: None.
  • (1/2 jar) Salsa, Medium Strength
    PREP: None.
  • (3 small) Onions, Yellow
    PREP: Peal, trim ends, cut into lengthwise quarters.
  • (1) Green Pepper, Long-Style
    PREP: Core, cut lengthwise once, cut slices. Lots of half-circles.
  • (15) Black Olives, Small
    PREP: Cut each in half once, width-wise. Nice and big that way.

No salt, pepper or spices. Regular tomato sauce has enough salt, and the salsa, of course, has lots of everything.

Cook on low 4 1/2 hours. Really succulent that way. So, there’s your easy slow-cooker chicken dinner!


Make four cups of white rice to pour the final result over. Easy with a rice steamer, brutally hard without (an automatic rice maker is one appliance I’ll waste valuable counter space with!). This is the one we ‘splurged’ on. Worth every penny.

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