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Canon S110 Professional Compact Camera

As a photographer, I have a several DSLR camera bodies with a collection of lenses, plus several good compact digital cameras, plus an iPhone. I recently bought a Canon S110 professional compact camera.

The iPhone is fine as a camera, but has its limitations, which I was certainly aware of when I bought it. The most glaring deficiency of the iPhone from photographer’s perspective is the very small sensor size – not in megapixels – but in its tininess. The very small sensor size, coupled with an high-megapixel design, results in very small pixels. This translates to a big limitation for anything other than perfect lighting, as the photos get very “noisy” as the light becomes less than perfect. You’ve all seen that by now. Also, while having a adjustable focus lens is amazing in such a small size device, there is no true optical zoom. You may realize by now that any “digital zoom” is useless, and should be the first thing you turn off – on any compact camera!I was looking to upgrade to a great small camera, the one that would “always be with me“, but much better than an iPhone. Specifically, I was looking for:

  1. shooting in raw-mode, instead of just JPG
  2. optical zoom lens! with a magnification of at least 4x
  3. fast lens that can stop down to at least F/2
  4. bright xenon flash, with adjustable power level
  5. built-in WiFi, including some connectivity to social media
  6. geotagging of each photo – yes, you can do it on the Canon S110
Canon PowerShot S110 in White

Regarding the GPS feature being removed in the transition from the Canon S100 to the S110, I run the new Canon “CameraWindow” app for iOS on my iPhone. It works perfectly. The iPhone GPS chipset is augmented with data coverage if its needs it, and acquires a lock very fast – much faster than built-in camera GPS features I’ve tried.

When you’re ready, you write back the GPS data from the phone to the camera’s images over Wi-Fi.

So at the end of February 2013, I decided the Canon S110 was the very best choice for this particular need, so I bought one.

Conclusion: The Canon S110 is a “Great Small Camera”.

Image Samples from the Canon S110 Camera

The samples below have very little post-processing, if any; typically just a bit of cropping and/or straightening. Enjoy.

Rocco at Subway

At ISO 100:

Grandma Lee 90 Years Old Sitting

At ISO 400:

Rocco and Yoko the Cat

At ISO 400:

Little Toy Characters

At ISO 800:

At ISO 1250:

Sunshine Waking Rocco
+1 exposure

At ISO 1600:

Rocco at the Museum 1
+1 exposure, highlights pulled down, custom white balance

All images ©James J. Julian. All rights reserved. Stock images of the Canon PowerShot S110 from the Canon USA website.

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