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Simple, precise, bi-directional current source

A bi-directional current source for a grounded load will always have some complication in its construction. The improved Howland Current Pump is the most frequent choice for this function.

The pros and cons of mesh networking

Designers strive to balance simplicity and feature set robustness. After reading this blog series, how well (or not) do you think Google's done in tackling this balancing act?

Apple IPO makes instant millionaires, December 12, 1980

On this day in tech history, Apple launched the IPO (initial public offering) of its stock, selling 4.6 million shares at $22 per share and creating about 300 new millionaires.

Creative architectural LED lighting

Enjoy this fun holiday look at some striking LED lighting installations.

Apollo 17 lands on moon, December 11, 1972

On this day in tech history, the 11th and final mission of the United States' Apollo program touched down on the moon.

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