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Buck regulator package shrinks 75%

Housed in a tiny BGA package, the LTM8063 step-down regulator from Linear Technology is 75% smaller than the existing equivalent product.

AC/DC supplies deliver up to 550 W

Open-frame AC/DC power supplies in the VOF family from CUI pack high power density in a compact low-profile package.

Magnetic ferrite core memory is patented, October 21, 1949

On this day in tech history, An Wang filed a patent which would become the basis of magnetic core memory.

Deriving A Rule of Thumb

You've probably used the rule of thumb that the rise time of an exponential curve is 2.2 times the time constant of that rise, but maybe you never looked at where that rule came from.

8 Signal generators under $100 compared

A review of some very low-cost generators from audio up to 4.4 GHz.

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