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Microgrid musings of an EE

I have seen a great deal of Microgrid (MG) development and applications recently, so I thought I might just share some insights and ideas to which I have been exposed to recently that piqued my interest as an EE.

Chinese PCB Shop spam is a thing

I try to fool the PCB spammers, but they get the last laugh. And… Rev. 2 of my powered speaker.

Product how-to: Moving to virtual emulation for software-defined networking

Virtual PCIe is the right tool for SDN, as it enables applications to interact with the emulation DUT just as if it were real silicon sitting on the bench, making it the ideal methodology for HW/SW co-verification.

EMC Band plays first outdoor gig

Besides playing the usual songs from the 70s, the EMC Society Band added Bach and a Mandarin Chinese song, all outdoors along the Potomac River.

HP is incorporated, August 18, 1947

On this day in tech history, technology company Hewlett-Packard, founded in 1939 by engineers and friends Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard, was incorporated.

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