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NASA is looking for STEVE

For those of you who know me, you understand how much I love anything technical related to NASA. Well, NASA is looking for me!

Expect glitches… Is your design validated?

Use an FPGA to torture-test CAN nodes and similar interfaces used in demanding environments.

Britain drops its first H-bomb, May 15, 1957

On this day in tech history, Britain's first hydrogen bomb, code-named Short Granite, was dropped over Malden Island in the South Pacific Ocean.

How 5G reduces data transmission latency

Low latency will be literally critical in some IoT applications; 4G networks simply weren't built for it, but the potential is inherent in 5G.

Skylab launches into space, May 14, 1973

On this day in tech history, the American space station and laboratory Skylab launched on a six-year journey that recorded various in-space firsts and discoveries.

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