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Canon PowerShot S110 in Black

Canon S110 Professional Compact Camera

As a photographer, I have a several DSLR camera bodies with a collection of lenses, plus several good compact digital cameras, plus an iPhone. I recently bought a Canon S110 professional compact camera. The iPhone is fine as a camera, but has its limitations, which I was certainly aware of […]

Apple iPod Touch 4 – Best PDA

Yes, the iPod Touch is the greatest PDA. Here you have the power and beauty of iOS, and connection to the Internet, and no monthly service charge (like on an iPhone). And, like all the iPods before it, it plays music too! Like many of you, I’ve had PDAs since […]

Amazon Kindle Best eBook Reader

Yes, books are great. And eBooks are better. And there are an awful lot of books in our house. So, what should we use to read eBooks? The Amazon Kindle best eBook reader. I’m an engineer, but I have had my time in business and marketing, so I try to […]

Canon PowerShot SX210 IS

Canon SX210 IS Camera

The Canon SX210 IS camera was my choice when it was time to upgrade to another, and of course better, compact camera. I had even more specific criteria this time. Significant zoom beyond the typical 3x or 4x HD video with stereo microphones Every other feature was assumed to be […]

BMW Advanced Battery Charging System

BMW Motorcycle Battery Tender for My G650GS

My story with the BMW Motorcycle Battery Tender started after a recent problem with loose battery leads from an improper new vehicle preparation. And in any case, I needed a practical way to properly maintain the battery on my new 2010 BMW G650GS Motorcycle which I’ve been accessorizing. So after […]

Fender CD-140SCE Guitar

Fender CD-140SCE Acoustic-Electric Guitar

After all of my on-and-off guitar training over the years, I wanted, and really needed, a decent acoustic to complement my other musical endeavors (where I’ve gotten much further along), and get serious about guitar again. I also wanted an alternative to my nice, humble, Schecter Omen 6 electric. Well […]